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The Trusted Team for Live Animal Trapping in Carrollton, TX, and surrounding areas

You can’t rest easy when a wild or stray animal is prowling your property. Let us restore your peace of mind with our trapping services. Whether you’re dealing with small creatures like rodents or bigger pests like raccoons, we’re the team to trust for live animal trapping in Carrollton, TX.

Home Exterminating Service, LLC has served local homeowners since 1965. As a family-owned company, our ongoing success depends on your satisfaction with our wildlife and pest control services. That is why we take care to use reliable methods that suit your goals. If you’re concerned about strong chemicals in your residence or the well-being of your critter visitor, live trapping may be the solution for you. Contact us to request a consultation with our technicians and determine whether live animal trapping is a possibility for your situation.

Get Started with an Inspection

Before setting any traps, we need to determine what kind of creature we’re dealing with—and how it invaded your home. Our technician will inspect your property for possible entry points and any pest-caused damage that needs addressing, as well as clues to your visitor’s identity. Once the information gathering is complete, we’ll strategically place traps to catch the animal and remove it as soon as possible. To learn more about how live animal trapping works—or to schedule an inspection—contact us today.

Live Animal Trapping in Dallas, TX